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Why go with Momentum Finance?

At Momentum Finance, we offer our customers a truly bespoke experience when it comes to prestige car finance. We find the best deal for Luxury car finance because of our exclusive and FCA-regulated car finance lenders.

Do I Need To Put A Deposit Down For A Luxury Car Finance Deal?

Most car financing options demand a down payment but you might be able to acquire financing without a deposit. This is thanks to the exclusive network of lenders we work with.

Can I settle my car finance early?

Yes, you can make an early settlement of your finance application at any time. You can sort this query easily by giving us a call and asking for a settlement figure.

What finance options are available


Personal Contract Purchase​

PCP car finance is a perfect way to finance any luxury car from any of our reputable FCA regulated prestige car finance dealers. Essentially, PCP car finance is a flexible form of finance available to our customers. Firstly, you can expect to pay an initial deposit of around 10% for the prestige car of your choice. However, you should be aware that once you have completed all necessary repayments, you will have a number of options to choose from.


Car Refinance / Equity Release

Equity Release plans are one of the more flexible luxury car finance plans. First of all they can help you avoid balloon payments at the end of your car finance contract, by simply refinancing your car. What makes these plans so flexible is that you can adjust repayments to suit your income. Also, another fantastic benefit of equity release is that you will actually retain ownership of your car throughout the plan and will never actually have to give the lender ownership, as well as this you are still free to use the car. These loans tend to be one of the safer forms of car finance on the market.


Hire Purchase​

Hire Purchase agreements are similar to PCP car finance agreements for the most part. Such as the 10% deposit as well as the monthly repayments. Not to mention that you will not actually have ownership of the prestige car until all the relevant repayments have been made. Although, it should be noted that a lot of prestige car finance dealers will actually give you one of two options. The first being that you can return the vehicle part way through your HP car finance contract. Secondly, you could in fact pay off your contract early. Therefore meaning if you would like to own the car before the specified end of the contract. You will more often than not have the option to increase your monthly payments. Therefore meaning you will own the car sooner.


Lease Purchase​

Lease Purchase is a brilliant way to finance a prestige car with Momentum Finance. These plans are popular simply because they actually allow you to purchase your next luxury vehicle with smaller repayments. This is done by making a lump sum payment at the start of the contract (which can equate to a few months of repayments). Furthermore, you can expect to make a similar payment once the contract is over. Please be aware of the fact that the payment at the end of the contract can actually vary depending on how many miles the car has been driven. As well as the age of the car upon return to the prestige car finance dealer. Also, it is important to note that you will actually be able to choose the length of your Lease Purchase agreement.

Lamborghini Urus Finance,

Will A Car Finance Agreement Improve My Credit Score?

Car finance agreements could help to improve your credit score. However, this also means that defaulting on your payments may also lower your credit score. Failing to meet the conditions of your finance deal could make other finance applications difficult in the future. Because of this, We advise you to look at credit reference agencies if you want to improve your credit rating. You could also talk to one of our advisors to see if getting car finance is the right option for you.

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