Hire Purchase Car Finance

Hire Purchase agreements are similar to PCP car finance agreements for the most part. Such as the 10% deposit as well as the monthly repayments. Not to mention that you will not actually have ownership of the prestige car until all the relevant repayments have been made.


HP Car Finance

It should be noted that a lot of prestige car finance dealers will actually give you one of two options. The first being that you can return the vehicle part way through your HP car finance contract. Secondly, you could in fact pay off your contract early. Therefore meaning if you would like to own the car before the specified end of the contract. You will more often than not have the option to increase your monthly payments. Therefore meaning you will own the car sooner.

These deals can be set up with a luxury car finance broker such as ourselves, or directly with the car finance dealer themselves. However, you most likely aren’t going to be getting yourself the best deal available this way. Please be aware that interest rates can vary from vehicle to vehicle.

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What are the benefits of HP finance?

First of all, the main benefit to HP car finance is that you will have the option to return the vehicle part way through the contract if you decide the finance plan isn’t for you anymore. Secondly, most of the time you will have the option to pay off the finance early, this could be beneficial if you wish to start a new finance plan before your current plan is over, or wish to own the car sooner. Finally you will always have the option to simply return the vehicle once your contract is over.


Is HP finance suited to me?

HP finance is suitable for any person who likes to have the freedom to pay off a car early, perhaps because they’re eager for something new. It is also suitable for anyone who thinks they would like to own the vehicle on completion of their contract but isn’t entirely sure.

However, it is important to realise that some types of car finance suit some more than others. Therefore it is extremely important to consider your options before entering a finance contract of any sort. 

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Because we strive for greatness, we can always assure you get the best sports car finance deal through us by working closely with our lenders with complete transparency.

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Prestige Cars

Our friendly, knowledgeable and specially trained brokers are experts in helping our customers find the perfect vehicle, as well as the perfect prestige car finance plan for them.

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If you’re in the market for a supercar, then you clearly love your automobiles. We want to share that passion for driving some of the most impressive vehicles in the world.


  • Should I get a car on finance?

    There are a huge number of benefits to getting a car on finance. Although it is not without it's downsides. Of course this all varies from person to person because what works for you might not work for someone else. That being said Prestige car finance is a fantastic option if you don't want to pay for your vehicle with a lump sum. But instead would prefer to pay in monthly instalments. However you should be aware that there is usually a deposit involved with finance options such as Personal Contract Purchase.

  • Will applying for HP Finance impact my credit score?

    In short, it all depends on what type of credit check is conducted when you apply for luxury car finance. Because if a soft credit check is conducted, it will have zero effect on your credit score and also will not be visible to future finance lenders. On the other hand, a hard credit check  will in fact show on your credit score. Also if you have a number of hard credit checks on your credit score within a short window of time. It can therefore actually negatively impact your credit rating.

  • What is car finance?

    Supercar finance is a brilliant way for you to purchase a car by spreading the cost over a number of months or years. However there are a number of different ways in which a person can acquire a car on finance. Therefore it is important to do your own research regarding interest rates, deposits etc. Moreover, at Momentum Finance we offer a number of fantastic supercar finance options such as PCP, HP, LP and Equity Release car finance.

  • What do I need to consider before applying for car finance?

    . You will be subject to a credit check

    . You will need to make sure you are sure about the affordability of your choice

    . Some cars will have mileage limits

    . A lot of finance options require an initial down payment.

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