Car Refinance/Equity Release

Equity Release plans are one of the more flexible luxury car finance plans. First of all they can help you avoid balloon payments at the end of your car finance contract, by simply refinancing your car.


Car Refinance/Equity Release

What makes these plans so flexible is that you can adjust repayments to suit your income. Also, another fantastic benefit of equity release is that you will actually retain ownership of your car throughout the plan and will never actually have to give the lender ownership, as well as this you are still free to use the car. These loans tend to be one of the safer forms of car finance on the market, especially when dealing with such prestigious motors.

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What are the benefits of equity release / car refinance?

There are numerous options as to why equity release is an attractive option to many. First of all, refinancing your car allows you to possibly get a better deal if you have recently improved your credit score from when you originally financed your car. Secondly, an attractive reason to refinance your current vehicle is to remove one of the leaseholders from the finance plan if you have decided that you now want to take on sole repayments.

Another reason as to why car refinancing is a good idea, is simply because it will give you the option to actually change your payment plan. For example you may want to increase your payments to allow you to finish your finance plan earlier than intended. Or possibly pay less per month but increase the amount of time you will be making repayments. 

To conclude, if you want to carry on financing your car, but would like to change the deal in some way or another. Equity release may be the perfect option for you.  

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